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Five ways runners could save the day with first aid!

1. Offer your drink - As a runner, you come across other runners. And sooner or later you will come across a fellow runner who is de-hydrated.Signs that a person is dehydrated include dry mouth and eyes, dry or cracked lips, headaches, dizziness and confusion. They can also complain about cramp!Give the person plenty of water to help replace the lost body fluids. This is usually sufficient but if you have isotonic drinks with you, these are even better as they also replace salts and sugars.

2. Use your mobile phone - Yes, it sounds like a no-brainer, but we like to remind you. Lots of runners carry their mobile to listen to music or track mileage via GPS.In an emergency situation, mobile phones can be key in getting a person in crisis the help they need quickly. Or better, download a first aid app, so you have all the information at your finger tips!

3. Share your jelly babies - Runners often carry sweets such as jelly babies for some extra energy. They’re also useful if you stumble across someone experiencing a diabetic emergency.In most cases the person will know what is happening and be able to tell you what to do. To spot the signs: they may sweat a lot or say they feel faint or weak. They may be drowsy, confused or appear drunk.How to help: Give them something sweet to eat or drink to stabilise their blood sugar levels. Your jelly babies, sports drink or gels are all perfect. Reassure the person.Most people will gradually improve but if in any doubt, call 999/112.

4. Use your layers - Accidents can happen at any time. If you come across someone who is bleeding heavily from a wound, you can use your clothing to help stop the bleeding.Regardless what it is ; your jacket, top or sweatband, use them to put pressure on the wound.Call 999/112 and keep pressure on the wound until help arrives.

5. Spare a coin or two - Carrying some change could be handy in various scenarios – but especially if you come across someone with a sprain or strain.Signs & symptoms are -pain, swelling, bruising, inflammation or cramp (strains)Your cash could generously buy something cold to put on the injured area, such as an ice lolly from the ice-cream van. Wrap it in some napkins or spare clothing before applying it to the affected area (do not apply directly to the skin!). It will help with the swelling. Also keep the injured area raised, to reduce the swelling.



You don't need to know the whole alphabet of Safety. The a, b, c of it will save you if you follow it: Always Be Careful. -Colorado School of Mines Magazine, Golden, Colorado, August 1918


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