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Carefulness costs you nothing. Carelessness may cost you your life. -Safety saying, circa early 1900s


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Marleen van Lookeren Campagne has delivered first aid at Joseph Chamberlain College to students, teachers and support staff as well as topping up the necessary first aid training for our site and sports staff.  

Her delivery is consistently interesting, non-threatening and has always been enjoyable and efficient.  The feedback has been overwhelming positive from all participants and I would definitely recommend her for both small and large groups. She offers high high level of costumer service with flexible and bespoke sessions.

Elly Tobin
Principle Joseph Chamberlain Sixth Form College, Birmingham
Director College for International Citizenship

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Emily Trenwith
GMT Solutions, Newent

Marleen ran a first aid course for our running club, and was very clear about explaining what you can do in an emergency to assist. I feel much more prepared if I were required to provide first aid, and confident I'd be able to help someone in need.
The course was a mixture of presentation, hands on practice/demonstration and video, kept us all interested and was very well delivered.
Highly recommmended!

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