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Duration  – 1/2 day (3 hours)

This HSE-recommended half-day first aid refresher course refreshes the knowledge previously gained in a First Aid at Work (FAW) or Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) course.

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) recommends that workers take a first aid refresher course on an annual basis after receiving their 3 year certificates in First Aid at Work or Emergency First Aid at Work.


This keeps your skills sharp and up to date so you can act with confidence in a first aid emergency. As an employer, it also ensures that you abide to recommended health & safety practices.

With a 3 year gap in-between courses, it can pay to maintain the highest levels of first aid skills which really could mean the difference between life and death in a serious emergency situation.

Course Objectives

Our first aid refresher course is designed to refresh all of the skills found in any standard FAW or EFAW course, including:

  • Principles of first aid
  • Basic life support (CPR)
  • Assessing an emergency situation
  • Managing unconscious casualties            
  • Managing breathing
  • Wounds and external bleeding
  • Managing seizures and shock
  • Other minor injuries    

Assessment and Certification

This 3 hour course includes course materials, expert tutoring and practical exercises to give learners in-depth training. Upon successful completion of the course, each learner will receive a first aid annual refresher certificate.

On-site and Open Courses

Book an on-site course for up to 12 delegates at your own premises, alternatively book onto one of our open courses. All our course prices include registration, certification and booklet.


Every single person in the world has the capacity to save a life – it is an essential gesture of solidarity. First aid education should be accessible to all without discrimination. --Grace Lo

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